Are Redheads Wild and Naughty in Bed?

Sexy naughty redheads

Are Redheads wild in bed? Is it a myth? There are many people in the world who would not believe it that hair color of any person has to do anything with the sexual desires. But after reading some of the reasons in this article, one will be forced to admit that redheads are not only wild but crazy and naughty when it comes to sex.

The Genetics

Whether you believe or not, but science also admits that the MC1R genes responsible beyond making hairs red are also responsible for developing the physical traits to go wild and naughty in bed. Hot and naughty redhead on hte couchThe MC1R genes are not responsible for wild sex drives but also have an effective cause that makes Redheads more sensible as compared to people with different hair colors. Redheads are more likely to respond quickly towards pain and even temperatures than blondes or brunettes. Thus, this quick responsive sensitivity does also apply in the case of sex too. Redhead London Escorts are not only more opened up towards sexual conversation but have an inclination towards crazy and naughty foreplay too. According to a research was done in Denmark in 2012, Redheads reacts less to a burning sensation collated to different hair color people. Thus, one can come on to a conclusion, what experience this less reacting characteristic will provide in bed.

Redheads are Better at sex positions

As already mentioned above, Redheads bear that gene to want sex more, one cannot consider the biological reasons which are most Sexy redhead girl in the wildresponsible for acquiring physical characteristics as any myth. These physical traits also make Redheads from London Escorts perfect and wild in the bed and they are incredible at discovering newest and even the rare positions in sex. Another study by a German sex researcher who reveal that women with red hair had sex more often. A similar English study found that redhead girls had sex an average of three or four times a week while our blondes and brunettes have it twice a week. Also, a color psychologists say red provokes arousal more than any other color, and that it’s an indicator of youth and fertility. Thus, it makes sense for redheads who get more sex. Guys also tend to be attracted to things that are rare, which could also increase redheads allure and sex appeal.

Redheads orgasm more

Researchers have found that Redheads, whether single or in a relationship indulges more in sexual activities than other people. Their naturally acquired characteristics make them orgasm more during wild sex as compared to other women. This can be the reason why most of the people think that rare people have rare issues, but this one will only be considered good by either males or females. While there are people who don’t believe it most of them cannot deny the fact which medical science supports too. In fact, orgasm is the ultimate objective of any sexual intercourse. The better is the orgasm, the better is the sex.

Redheads are more erotic

Well, you got to admit it that redheads are hot tempered and have a status apart when it comes to eroticism. Medical experts also support the fact that redheads are more emotional because of Hot and sexy redheadstheir quick responding trait towards pain and other physical feelings. Well, there is no two ways about it that red color is considered to be a color of love, passion, fight and even the color of provocation. Well, one can conclude that redheads can not only be passionate and naughty but can be highly sexually provocative too. Think of a perfect date night with a sexy woman via cheap London escorts wearing the red lipstick with red hairs naturally and red wine. Way to go guys.

Well, it is not uncommon to have a desire of having a highly passionate wild companion in the bed when he or she can convince you what they want you to do further.

Shy and distinct but not in bed

Redheads are considered to be really shy and quiet usually, but they are out of the blues when it comes to sex and erotic stories. They are like a totally different naughty person in bed. They like it rough and they are naturally into scratching, biting, and even choking. Now that’s something that one cannot resist.

Distinctive scent

Anyone who has had a relationship with or dated a redhead from Cheap Escorts can tell it better. Redheads bear a stronger body odor than a woman with different hair color. The reason behind that is stated that redheads know they are unique in physical appearance and they do not want to leave any stones unturned to make a guy theirs forever.

After reading all this, who would not fall for a redhead when they are hot and naughty, they are wild in bed with unmatched sexual performances too. Moreover, they also fulfill the need of a guy of being an emotional partner with providing a better experience in bed. What else does a guy would want in a naughty woman?

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